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Monday, June 12, 2006

"Your search is over"

Here are some new and interesting google searches that have brought traffic to this site.

"cant say bomb on an airplane"
"baras israel baseball"
"look memory can change the shape of a room"
"what makes a piece of meat kosher"
"brad ausmus naked"
"israel baseball jerusalem cop"
"aharon rabinowitz"+"inspector"
"baseball in israel duquette"
"sephardic centre jerusalem hostel"
"memory can change the shape of a room"


Quote is from No Way Out (1987)

The possibility that we may fail in the struggle ought not to deter us from the support of a cause we believe to be just.
– Abraham Lincoln


At 4:58 PM, June 12, 2006, Blogger tafka PP said...

I was inspired to check my sitemeter following this post- and I found "Hyperactivity in Corgis" and "Is Alka Seltzer used in sex acts" had brought people to mine.

There are some odd people out there!

At 9:53 PM, June 12, 2006, Blogger kasamba said...

I don't know how to find out this info!
(stamps foot in temper)

At 9:57 AM, June 14, 2006, Blogger jim said...

I backed off attending classes for learning how to make that happen, now I am getting curious.


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