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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

"There are stories of coincidence and chance, and intersections and strange things told, and which is which and who only knows?"

A friend sent me this piece written by a woman in Beit Shemesh. She is so right....

(Printed with permission of the author)

No Coincidences Part II


Some of you may! think I've totally gone off the deep end, but if I can't say these things to you, I can't say them to anyone.

I have this image in my mind that while Sharon is lying in a coma down here, up in shomayim he is standing before a huge judge's desk - Hashem's - and a dramatic court case is being played out. It is taking a very long time to get through (perhaps as long as it takes GK refugees to be given proper recompense for their suffering). Rav Kaduri, shlit"a, is now, somehow, up there testifying as well. While all this is unfolding, the holy city of Chevron is being ripped away from Jews by fellow - and I am beginning to think that this is a very loose use of the term - Jews. Insanely, now some senior Fatah muckety muck has collapsed and is in some hospital in serious condition. What is going on?!?!

I just wish I knew what is right. All these Israeli politic! ians are having the time of their lives talking about ! throwing out ALL Jews from Chevron. Halutz is saying things like, "in other countries this would be labeled ‘anarchy'" How come it's not ancarchy when our enemies in Israel do these very same things, only using much more violence? How come it's not anarchy when enemies on Jewish land fire rockets and blow themselves up in places crowded with Jews? Jews won't let themselves be thrown out of our homes and WE'RE anarchists?

There is a principle (it might be Kabbalistic, but I'm not sure and I'm no expert) that once an act has been committed, it is easier for it to be committed the next time round. Once one kid shot up his school mates in Columbine, it became easier for other kids to do it and it occured repeatedly. Now that Sharon has opened the dam of Jews against Jews, every blasted politician is coming out and jumping on the bandwagon and repeating his actions, only loud! er and more viciously. Sharon gave the Jews of! GK a year and at least a promise (if not an actual delivery) of compensations. Now all the Sharon wanabees are throwing Jews out with almost no warning, no promise (false as they are) of compensation) and if you resist, they threaten (and actually begin) to make even larger areas of the Jewish land Judenrein. The Palestinians have called Jews Nazis, but regardless of what the world thinks, we have always known that this a calculated lie. I, the child of two survivors, could never imagine myself thinking that way of my fellow Jews. I never could, but now I can.

If Chevron - whose legal purchase is documented clearly in the Torah, and then again in modern times, the place where all our forefathers are buried - is negotiable, then anything is. It is not enough that the Meorat Hamachpeila, , which is on Jewish land, is open in its entirety to Jews ONLY TEN DAYS A YEAR while our ! enemies have access the entire rest of the year. &! nbsp;It is not enough that even though our holiest site, the Temple Mount, stands on Jewish land, yet Jews are not allowed to pray there while our enemies are. It is not enough that we have to have physical barriers and bullet proof busses to visit Rachel Imeinu. It is not enough that Yosef's tomb has been torn down by our enemies and rebuilt as a mosque! All this is not enough for the self destructive decision makers who control the army. Worse than not giving any value to Jewish spirituality and our spiritual holy places, they continue to make a mockery of them. They are targeting them in the attempt to wipe out anything spiritual that is ours, including people. They will not be sated until there is nothing left but Tel Aviv. Ironically, while our enemies within are trying to sanitize our religion of anything spiritual and holy, our enemies without know the value of Jewish spirituality. It is ! not by coincidence that all our holiest sites are! hot spots. Our enemies want control of our spiritual sites so they can keep us out. Our enemies understand the value of Jews praying in such spiritual places better than we, as a whole, understand its value.

If "Jews" can evict Jews and justify it by labeling their victims "extremists," then our enemies within can do anything they want. All they have to do is start referring to Jews in any given area as "extremists" and they automatically have carte blanche to throw them out.

Here are some very factual and obvious questions: As we proceed down this Roadmap that Olmert has given his full support to, has anyone defined where the limits are? Are we just playing this by ear and giving away pieces of our land until... what? Is there something that is supposed to happen that makes it the logical stopping point for giving away pieces of Israel? ! If chas v'shalom, let's say Ashkelon or Ashdod st! art getting hit so hard by terrorism that there is no way to maintain it safely unless there is a very high soldier to civilian ratio presence, do we then chop that city off? Is this the magic formula? When we get to boundaries where our enemies stop bothering us, then we stop retreating? You don't have to be brilliant to figure out where that mode of thinking leads. Are we waiting for a head's up from some other country to let us know that we've sacrificed enough of our land and we can now keep the rest? Who decides how much of our land goes away? Based on what rules? Do we have the right of refusal for certain strategic areas? Are we - gasp! - allowed to draw the line on certain holy places? Or do our enemies without get to decide what we must give them? Can any sane person believe that our enemies would voluntarily let us keep our holy sites and strategic sp! ots that would make the truncated land of Is! rael defensible? What's the plan!?!?! We are entitled to have a clear, definitive picture of what the plan is!! If they plan on drilling a hole in our boat, we have the right, as fellow passengers, to have a say in the matter.

We need Hashem's compassion. And we need it now.

Take care,
Tzirel Shaffren(who is really, really drained. Sorry for rambling)

She really summed up what many of us think about.

Thanks Tzirel.


The possibility that we may fail in the struggle ought not to deter us from the support of a cause we believe to be just.
– Abraham Lincoln


At 9:56 AM, January 19, 2006, Blogger Joe Settler said...

Someone told me a joke...

Sharon gets up to heaven and the angel tells him he has good news and bad news.

Sharon says, "Let's start with the bad news."

So the angel says, "Let me show you the piece of heaven we put aside for you," and proceeds to show Sharon a huge farm, packed with grazing cattle (each the size of Sharon), a state of the art milk processing center, and sheep that you can't even imagine.
It even puts Sharon's earthly farm to shame.

So Sharon thinks to himself, this is not such bad news, and he eagerly asks, "Well then, what's the good news?"

The angel says, "Well ever since the disengagement, we no longer actually have access to the farm and it was taken over by your friend Yasser."

And Sharon asks in bewilderment, "And that's the good news?"

The angel responds, "Of course, you see we were able to acquire a 10 foot caravan for you that is almost ready. You'll be able to move in in another few years, and in the mean time, we have a full-service hotel room waiting for you until the caravan is ready, back on Earth ."


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