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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

"I'll have that thirty-two Bob"

Well, today I turn 32.

It's hard to believe that I have now reached the point in life where I have been legaly able to drive for half of my life, tomorrow it will be for more than half.

This is my first birthday as a father. As well as my first birthday as a homeowner.

This is my Second birthday as a husband.

I have now celebrated two birthdays since I left the Police and three since I got engaged.

I have now celebrated 14 birthdays since coming to Israel.

As a child, I recall thinking about getting older, 32 seemed so far away. The truth is that I still remember as a kid trying to figure out how old I'll be at the Millenium, "26, wow, I'll be old". The millenium seemed so far away in the 80's, especially from a child's perspective.

It's actually funny that I'm writing this on my blog because I'm not a big birthday person. I generally dont tell people when it happens. If you know, you know, and if not, it doesnt bother me. No one in my office has a clue and only family and a few close friends call me up to wish me a happy birthday from all over the globe.

Last year, I even got a call from a friend who was in Australia.

I don't feel any different today than any other day. Don't feel older.

The question is should I feel any different?

What do u all think about celebrating your own birthday? do you feel yourself getting older? do you think that it's just a natural part of life?

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At 1:44 PM, January 11, 2006, Blogger westbankmama said...

I once asked my father how it felt to be a certain age (on his birthday), and he said "exactly the same as it did yesterday.."

Ask a stupid question,...

At 3:37 PM, January 11, 2006, Blogger Elliott Cahan said...

I would like to say that for someone your age I think you're doing great. Mazal Tov!

At 4:27 PM, January 11, 2006, Blogger Jack's Shack said...

Happy Birthday.

At 5:41 PM, January 11, 2006, Blogger Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Well...32 in decimal is only 20 in hex. So you just finished being a hex-ager.

About time you grew up! :-)

Many many more...mine's coming up next shabbat as well.

At 9:01 PM, January 11, 2006, Blogger Air Time said...

Happy birthday. I always thought I would be 27 when the millennium hit. I guess I just didn't do the math right, and I was really disappointed when I was only 26 when 2000 started.

At 10:33 PM, January 11, 2006, Blogger my bald sheitel said...

Feliz cumpleanos. I never thought about the millenium until about a few months before. Is that weird? I like how you were counting birthdays as milestones in your post. I never thought about it being x # of bdays since driving or anything like that. My next one isn't for a few months but it's a doozy.

At 10:51 PM, January 11, 2006, Blogger Jerusalemcop said...

I appreciate the well wishes from you all.

Jameel: on the day of your son's bar mitzvah? It was my mother's birthday on my bar mitzvah day, funny.

AT: guess we are the same age, maybe we knew each other growing up in motown

MBS: that would be 21, right?

At 1:38 AM, January 12, 2006, Blogger ifyouwillit said...

Happy Birthday!

At 11:05 AM, January 12, 2006, Blogger Joe Settler said...

Happy Birthday

At 1:13 PM, January 12, 2006, Blogger Jerusalemcop said...

thanks yosef and Joe

At 12:38 AM, January 15, 2006, Blogger Joe Settler said...



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