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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Finding the right answer

Well, it's now Sunday, and I'm back at the computer ready to begin a new week of blogging. I was trying to think of a topic all weekend and was having trouble deciding. Over Shabbat, I looked into my infant sons eyes and asked myself a truly difficult question: what kind of world will he be brought up in? What do I tell him when he asks me why the Jewish world is the way that it is?

I know that it's the type of question many people ask of themselves at different points in their lives, but when I look around and see the hate that Jews have for each other here in Israel, is it all a misunderstanding? a lack of communication? or have we returned to the time of kamtza and bar kamtza?

Too many Jews want "Peace at any cost". I obviously think that logic is flawed since I just don't trust our "partners". If I truly believed in their sincerity, I would give in to their requests. The problem is that our "partners" believe beyond doubt that the only way for a true peace is when Israel and all the Jews are driven into the sea. That is unacceptable to me. Peace should be the act of both sides being able to live together in the same land without fighting.

Peace is not: lets try and appease the other side by giving them what we deem rightfully ours and hope that they mean what they say about also wanting lasting peace. We need to first see that they are capable of keeping their word and then we can move one step closer to having true peace. We have already made too many concessions and we have gotten nowhere.

Unfortunately, Sharon and his cohorts haven't been very helpful. He has fallen into the trap that many of his predecessors have fallen into and that's wanting history to remember them for bringing Peace at all costs. Does he truly believe that this will work? Is he so far gone that he no longer sees what he spent most of his life fighting for?

So now I come back to my original question…what do I tell my son? While pondering this question, I stumbled across Frum Girls' blog and read her tale of explaining to her son what it means to be Jewish and how lucky we are for what we have that makes us unique as Jews. Here in Israel, there isn't much "fanfare" around Christmas like there is in the states, but we see enough outside "gentile" influences that one needs to continue reminding himself that he is a Jew in a Jewish land and that he must continue to act as a Jew in whatever he does.

I think I now have at least a partial answer….

Thanks for reading….


At 1:51 AM, December 19, 2005, Blogger FrumGirl said...

Wow, I am honored and humbled to have inspired you. We all need to help each other with ideas for this kind of thing. It's great you also share a love for yiddishkeit and want to convey it in the best light... hatzlacha!

At 5:19 AM, December 19, 2005, Blogger Jerusalemcop said...

thanks frumgirl

At 6:10 AM, December 19, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My Jerusalem ex-cop,

Here's your unfortunate error:

Too many Jews want "Peace at any cost". I obviously think that logic is flawed since I just don't trust our "partners". If I truly believed in their sincerity, I would give in to their requests. The problem is ...

Your logic is doomed to failure because it has a built-in inconsistency, ie: "If I truly believed in their sincerity, I would give in", etc.

If we were plagued with some enemy constantly attacking us from his own country [not usurped territories from our country], who became 'sincere', than your logic may hold [though perhaps not - you being the 'cop type', must have had it in your nature to proactively fight 'evil', otherwise you would have been at best just a 'good witness', therefore I think you'd understand bringing a criminal to justice for past crimes, as long as the 'statute of limitations' let you do it - and remember, murder has no 'statute of limitations'].

Getting back to your problem here, therefore, the problem will never be solved [to our satisfaction, or for that matter, justice will never be served] as long as we validate an illegitimate, false and evil opponent's position [ie, if only the usurper 'settled down', we would 'let him be'].

I know you might say, "Ok, say that's true, but it's so impractical to expel/rule over/defeat, etc, 1.5 million persons [or whatever the current number is supposed to be]"...

Well, the whole idea of Israel, the Nation and People is not very realistic, but that never stopped us before, did it?

Lose the false assumptions and internal contradictions, and then there is hope in finding a real solution, not some illusion doomed to failure due to being crippled by faulty 'ideas'.

Just like in solving any problem, most of the solution is in properly [and accurately] defining the problem...


PS - regarding your infant son, don't worry: keep in mind at all times that you are his greatest influence - as long as you always act as the kind of person you hope he becomes, that is who he will become, in his own way.


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